Facebook Support Inbox Is Not For Contacting Facebook

There has been a misunderstanding about a Facebook feature called Support Inbox and I intend to use this post to clarify that misunderstanding.

What is the Misunderstanding?

Many people believe that Facebook Support Inbox is a feature that enable you to make contact with Facebook.

What is the Fact?

Facebook Support Inbox is a feature which Facebook use to contact their users officially, not the other way-round.

This means that if Facebook want to pass a message to you personally, they are going to use the Support Inbox feature and not the Chat feature of Facebook.

So How Can One Contact Facebook?

Well, there are many ways to contact Facebook, and they differ depending on your purpose for contacting Facebook.

For example, if you want to report a post to Facebook, what you need do is to click on the drop-arrow button on the post header and click on the Report post or Report photo option in the list.

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