Graduant or Graduand_Which Is The Correct Word

For many years, I have refer to one who is graduating as a graduant, but my view was put to questioned by me when I recently attended a graduating ceremony by a school called FasTrack Schools.

Why, because they refer to their graduating pupils and students as Graduand and not Graduant as I have also thought it to be.

So I ask myself, who is wrong, me or them?

Thus, when I got back home I decided to make a research on it, and my discovery shocked me.

My research made me realize that what I have been spelling (graduant) and using to refer to graduating persons is actually a misspelling of Gradaunt which refers to the female sibling of one’s grandparent, that is the aunt, auntie or aunty of one’s father or mother.

So, Graduand is the correct word that should be used to refer to someone who is graduating, not Graduant or even Gradaunt.

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