How To Deactivate The One Hour Sleep-time Of Website Hosted On 000webhost.

Do you hate the fact that just because you want to host your site for free then you have to agree that your site will be offline for at least one hour everyday? If you do, then there is good news.

Introducing 000webhost Cryptocurrency Mining Mode

On March 13, 2018 Daugirdas Jankus an editor for the Hostinger blog, publish a post that talked about the alternative the team behind 000webhost have deployed which their users can use to in place of the Sleep-time feature.

This new alternative is known as the Cryptocurrency Mining Mode.

With this new Cryptocurrency Mining Mode, instead of your website going offline for at list one hour, 000webhost will keep your website running but will use that one hour that your site is supposed to be offline to mine cryptocurrency from the device of your site’s visitor.

As you may already know, the Sleep-time feature was introduced so as to reduce 000webhost expense on maintenance.

This new feature (Cryptocurrency Mining Mode) however, instead of reduce their expenses increase their revenue which they in turn use to sustain their the running of their servers.

Will this new feature be damaging to your site’s visitors device?

Not really.

000webhost promised that the Mining Mode feature is set to use only 5% of your visitor’s device hardware computing power.
Meaning that it will not really make a big difference on your site performance and the visitor’s device will not heat-up as a result of this feature.

But of course, the decision to use this new Mining Mode feature is entirely up to you, and it is not the default setting.

So if you are comfortable with this feature rather than have your website go offline for at least one hour, then the steps outline below will guide you through how you can activate the Mining Mode so that you can deactivate the one hour sleep-time of your website.

How to Activate The Mining Mode

As of now, the Mining Mode is still in development so it not yet available to all 000webhost users.

If you are chosen by 000webhost to join in the testing, then they will send you are mail to notify you.

If you have not been notified but you wish to you join the testers, then Daugirdas Jankus recommend you tell him via the comment section in the post where he made the announcement of the Mining Mode feature.

To visit the Mining Mode announcement post, click >>> HERE <<<

To signup with 000webhost and host your website absolutely free of charge, click >>> HERE <<<

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