How To Get The Post ID Number Of A Blogger/Blogspot Post.

In this article we will explain to you three methods you can use to get the post ID of a blog post to you publish or editing in Blogger/Blosgpot. So let’s get on with it.

FIRST METHOD: While Creating/Editing The Post

To us, the most easiest way to get the ID number of a post in Blogger/Blogspot is to load the post into Blogger post editor.

Because when you do, the post ID will be all to visible the the Address bar of the browser you are using. So when you are creating or editing a post, just look at the look the URL in the address bar and you will see the post ID of the current post as shown in the image below.

SECOND METHOD: While Viewing The Post

If the post have been published and you do not want to load the post into the Blogger post editor, then your next option is to view the blog post as a regular online will do.

Then open the Page source, (right-click on an empty space in the page and select View Source or View Page Source or as your browser will put it).

When the page source is open, locate the post ID from the page source. For this task, you can use keyboard shortcut ctrl+F to automatically search through the page source for the Post ID.

Please note that this will work perfectly if you are viewing the post page and not to blog’s where more than one post will be listed.

THIRD METHOD: Using Search Engine Cache

This method solely depend on whether the post have be clawed, index and cached by a web search engine.

So, we recommend that you use this method only if the other two above is not within reach.

Hence, to use this method, go to a web search engine – one that you know or think will have clawed, index and probably cached the post you are seek the ID of.

Then use the cache: search operator along with the URL of the post or keyword that you are sure will set that page apart from all other page in the internet (e.g

When you have located the Web Search Engine cached file of your post, view the page source and search for the POST ID.

The advantage of this method is that, you can use it to recover the post ID even if you have deleted the post from your blog.

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