Instazood | An Instagram Bot You Will Love

I just learnt of a bot for Instagram called Instazood. This Instazood bot has many features that will satisfy your Instagram Auto Like needs, be it growing your fan base, staying active on Instagram and increasing the likes on your post.

Instazood Features.

Instazood has 4 main features. Theses features are:

1) Post scheduling. Meaning that you don’t need to open your instagram app every time you want to make new post. You can just schedule all your post for the day, week or even months and then relax.

2) Private Message. If you will like to send a welcome message to all your new followers, Instanzood will help you achieve it.

3) Auto Comment Reply. When your follower comment on your post, replying or even reacting to the reply will make your followers feel appreciated and noticed, and this is possible when you state using Instanzood.

4) Instanzood Bot. Are you following someone or an hashtag? The Instanzood bot will keep you active liking, commenting and viewing the stories on that hash target or profile.

So you see, Instanzood is one platform you will love when you decide to use it. And the good news is, it is FREE!!! at least for the first 3 days.

So what are you waiting for? Start your 3 days free trial now and see how your Instagram account will flourish.
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