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In the meantime, fear is heightening in the Senate over
the fate of about thirty-five Nigerian Senators, who have
not complied with the measures to determine their
Coronavirus status, after returning from a trip to the
The United Kingdom where they attended a Petroleum
Industry Governance Bill seminar in London.
It was learned that they were caught in the web of the corona-
virus outbreak in the UK, at a time the Federal
Government directed that those returning from any of the
COV-19 high-risk countries should self-isolate for fourteen
It is gathered that other senators are pressuring Senate
President, Ahmad Lawan to prevail in their colleagues to
excuse themselves from the Chambers’ business.
Some of them were also said to be pushing for
Coronavirus tests for their colleagues.
The affected senators are members of the Senate
Committee on Upstream, Downstream, and Gas, among
them, two female senators.
The report says since the senators returned from London on
14th of this month, they have been going to the Senate
Chambers to participate in legislative activities.

It was observed that the Senate President refused to
either hug or shake hands with them to the consternation
of the affected Senators.

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