Patoranking: Fear Of Poverty Makes Me Work Harder | Trend-In

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Patoranking: Fear Of Poverty Makes Me Work Harder | Trend-In

Renowned Nigerian music star, Patoranking said the fear of the poverty he experienced in his past, is the reason he is working harder at the moment.

The singer who has done collaborations with top musicians, both in Nigeria and beyond, made this statement during a show on Hip TV, in which Nancy Isime was the host.

Patoranking while explaining himself said, “Knowing where I’m coming from is important. I don’t want to go back there,”

“When I say that I don’t mean the hood. I mean I don’t want to go back to suffering, poverty, times when I could only eat once a day or go two, days without eating

“I don’t want that life anymore. Me trying to run away from that life makes me work harder. The higher you go; the more difficult it becomes. Once you’re able to understand that, you won’t have any problem. You just keep working.

“I got to understand that those times are a part of the plan. Failure is part of success. I’ve been able to understand that these things would come. Am I ready when they do?

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