BBNaija: Who joins Liquorose, Emmanuel and Cross in the finals?

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BBNaija: Who joins Liquorose, Emmanuel and Cross in the finals?

By Nehru Odeh

The die is cast and fans are making last minute efforts voting to save their favourite BBNaija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemates already up for eviction – Whitemoney, Pere, Angel, Nini, Saga and Queen. Indeed, today is the last chance fans have to cast their votes and save their favourite housemates from possible eviction.

The truth is, only two of the housemates already up for eviction will make it to the finals, while the remaining four will be evicted. But the question now is, which of them will make it to the finals? Did I hear you say the fans will definitely decide based on their votes?

Of course, the fans decide who gets to the finals by voting the housemates of their choice. However, if the way things are now is anything to go by, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Of the six housemates up for eviction, Whitemoney and Pere have the biggest fan base, which gives them the edge over Nini, Saga, Angel and Queen. Based on their huge fan base, Whitemoney and Pere are supposed to be automatic qualifiers for the finals.

On paper, Whitemoney and Pere have been tipped to join Liquorose, Emmanuel and Cross in the finals. Not only do they have huge fan base, their fans are very fanatical and influential on social media and are ready to do anything to make sure their favourite housemates win.

Still, there is a caveat. The size of one’s fan base alone does not decide who goes to the final at this stage. What is more important is the actual voting.  The fans could be loud on social media but if they don’t actually vote for their favourite housemates all their noise will amount to nothing. So it is only when the fans vote for the housemates of their choice that their loud support could make an impact and a difference.

However, when Emmanuel won the veto power on Monday, which gave him the power to appoint Liquorose and Cross as Head of House and Deputy Head of House respectively that changed the equation.

By virtue of that veto power and their positions as HoH and Deputy Hoh, Emmanuel, Liquorose and Cross qualified automatically for the finals.

Liquorose and Whitemoney are the top favourites to win the show.  

Whitemoney, for instance has mass appeal. The slogan Whitemoney for the money dots social media.

Though some are of the view that Whitemoney’s lack of university education might work against him, that seeming little education, his naturalness, his originality, street credibility and sense of service and humour are the qualities that endear him to his fans and give him that mass appeal. And they are ready to do anything to make sure he wins this edition.

The only housemates that can stop Liquorose from emerging winner come 3 October are Whitemoney and Pere. Now that that Liquorose is already in the finals, her fans are making concerted efforts to rally around the weakest housemates of the six already up for eviction – Nini, Angel, Saga and Queen –  in order to prevent Whitemoney from getting into the finals.

Liquorose’s, Emmanuel’s and Cross’ would rather vote for either Nini or Saga or angel or Queen than vote for Whitemoney and Pere because they consider the duo as very strong opposition to Liquorose.

So Liquorose’s fans will do anything to stop Whitemoney from getting into the finals. And rallying around other housemates is one of them. Liquorose’s, Emmanuel’s and Cross’ fans are huge determinants and will decide who makes it to the finals next Sunday.

That’s why the only thing that will determine who among the six candidates that are already up for eviction will get to the finals is what I would call conscious, concerted voting. If the fans really want their favourite housemates to get to the final, they should not just vote but also make a conscious, concerted effort to do so.

Unless this is strictly adhered to, there is bound to be surprises come next Sunday. And springing surprises is one of Big Brother’s hallmarks.

 I wish all the housemates and their teeming fans good luck.

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