Five ways to overcome phobia for s3x

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Five ways to overcome phobia for s3x

By Folakemi Olaoni

Sex is the activity of being physically intimate with a romantic person. Sexual interactions are supposed to be enjoyable but can be harrowing for some people due to fear.

S3x phobia, also known as fear of sex or sexual intimacy, is called “Genophobia” or “Erotophobia”. Genophobia is the physical or psychological fear of sexual relations or sexual intercourse.

This is more than a simple dislike; it is a condition that can cause intense fear or panic most especially when sexual intimacy is attempted. For some people, even thinking about it can cause these feelings.

A person might also be anxious about being emotionally close with another person, and to some the thought of engaging in sexual activity with someone brings out overwhelming fear and intense shame which can turn into a fear of sexual intimacy.

Here are five ways to overcome phobia for sex:

– Get a therapist:- Getting help from someone you can talk to freely about your sexual life, a Professional (Therapists, Psychotherapists, or Counsellors) can help to assess the problem. This is an effective step in addressing phobia for sex especially when you know you can not deal with it alone. Speaking with a therapist will help pull you through this challenge.

Self determination:

To overcome sex phobia you need to be determined, determine what you are afraid of and challenge it. When it comes to being fearful of sex, you need to discover the cause and be ready to fight it because the cure starts with you.

Identifying your fears will help you focus on finding solutions. Take it easy. Do not work yourself up or anxious of what you could be or do sexually.

Watch and read sexual or sex gubbin:

Watching porns or sexual related movies and/ or books can lightening the mood during a sexual encounter which can help distract you from being fearful.

According to research, watching romantic movies or reading romantic books can cause you to be sexually awake which can help fight sex phobia. And also taking your mind off your sexual performance can remove the worries that stop you from concentrating and getting excited.

Communicate with your partner:

Talking with your partner about your anxiety can help ease some of your worries or fear. You can confide in your partner if you feel comfortable with it. You can get through this stage by working together and reaching solutions together, you may also have to talk more and be free with your partner, this can help improve your sexual relationship.

Continuous sexual involvement:

To overcome fear of sex, you need to gradually work your way through the process. Research indicates that overcoming a fear is aided when a person faces the fear in an imagined situation or a live experience, (WikiHow).

‘ Practice makes perfect’ when you take your mind off being anxious or afraid and there is consistency in lovemaking, you will get used to it and soon forget all your fears and worries.

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