Joy as Yusuf Kwande lifts orphans out of streets, sponsor their education

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Joy as Yusuf Kwande lifts orphans out of streets, sponsor their education

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It was a moment of joy and excitement for a helpless and hopeless orphan, Musa Muhammad who divinely met with Yusuf Yahaya-Kwande that decided out of his love for the vulnerable and humanity sponsored his education from the primary to tertiary level.

Muhammed met with Yusuf Kwande, son of former Ambassador of Nigeria to Switzerland in 2008 at a traffic light in Wuse 2, Abuja selling plastic water under the bitting sun.

Yusuf Kwande gave Muhammad N1,000 note that fateful day and after few hours, God cross their path again and he extended some money again to him to enable him feed himself.

Few hours after the last encounter that same day, Muhammad ran into Yahaya-Kwande at Big Bites which he considered very strange and extended his business card with clear instruction that he should call him when he got home.

Muhammad yielded to the instruction and called the line and behold, Yusuf Kwande picked the call and decided to speak with his mother.

Yusuf Yahaya-Kwande asked the mother, why was Muhammad selling plastic water under the sun while his peers are in school; she replied with a low tune that his father was dead and she has no money to send him to school.

Months after then, Muhammad was arrested by Environmental Task Force for selling water on the streets of Abuja and a call was put across to Yahaya-Kwande, he gladly rushed to the office and rescued him with his friends.

He took Muhammad home where he saw his mother for the first time and decided to give her some money to set up a small business, sadly, she eventually died after illness.

Yahaya-Kwande also pledged to sponsor Muhammad’s education and that of his siblings; he extended some goodwill to their neighbours who witnessed the divine intervention.

He equally sponsored Ibrahim Rahj to Serbia and Turkey for football trial after he came to squat with Muhammad when he lost his parents.

At the moment, Muhammad is filled with joy and excitement as he has completed his National Diploma which has changed positively the living condition of the family.

Muhammad who narrated his chilling story said, “I was helpless and God bless me with a helper; I was hopeless but now hopeful. God used Yusuf Yahaya-Kwande to change my status in life.

“I was selling plastic water at Wuse 2 Abuja and met with Yusuf Yahaya-Kwande at the traffic, he didn’t know me, but out of pity he gave me N1000 and after few hours, we met again and he gave me some money.

“After some time, the Environmental Task Force arrested me and my friends for selling plastic water on the streets, I became helpless with no help coming my way. I decided to call Yusuf Yahaya-Kwande and he responded swiftly and came to the scene where he bailed us.

“He took me home that fateful day and met with my mother. He gave her money to start a business and took the responsibility of my education and my siblings, since then, he has not fail us.

“My friend, Ibrahim Rahj who came to stay with us when his father died, Yusuf Yahaya-Kwande sponsored him to Turkey for football trial. As we speak today 23 August, 2021 I have completed my National Diploma and all this came from a man who I met on the road.

“I will ever remain grateful to him for changing my life positively. May God keep him in good health and bless the work of his hands. My life has never remain the same since the day I had encounter with him, I am very grateful.”

The good gesture has continued to elicit commendation from members of the public who reacted on LinkedIn urged other citizens to emulate Yusuf Yahaya-Kwande’s approach to life and humanity.

Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed described the gesture as a step in the right direction, “This is awesome, a bold step. If we can all emulate and apply it where much is deserves, the better for us.”

An Ambassador at the Nigerian Embassy, Ali Magashi applauded the gesture and described it as a step towards empowering and liberating humanity.

“The silent things godly people do to impact humanity, this is wealth at its best. Well done and keep up the good things you are doing silently; may Allah continue to bless , guide and protect you.”

Yet, another reaction came from a Financial Advisor, Michael Akhigbe who encouraged Yusuf Yahaya-Kwande to carry on with the good work of helping the poor. “Well done Yusuf, It’s obvious that is the stuff you are made of, full of human kindness. Please keep doing what you know how to do best.”

Philomena Desmond re-echoed the position of Akhigbe and described him as God’s send into the life of the young orphans.

“Yusuf, you are a guardian angel. God directed you that day to help Musa and you listened to God till date. God bless you and your generation, may you never lack and he will multiply in millions.”

A Shipping operations and Business, Habila Theck, said “Your passion for helping and developing people is a rare gift. You have mentored and helped with career development for a lot of young people in the industry, myself inclusive. Reading this piece gives credence to your love for people and passion to help others.”

A senior subcontract Manager, Tunde Adekunle was also elated with the healthy development,  noted, “Yusuf Yahaya-Kwande as you have been a blessing to Musa and surprised him, the Lord would reward you and bless you beyond your imagination. You will never lack, as you have raised this boy up, the Lord will also promote you to greater heights, your children will never be stranded.”

A Chief Executive Officer at the Trinity healthcare, Obiora Onowu said, ” very proud of you. I knew the entire Kwande family is like that…very very kind people. Everyone that passed through the University of Jos in the 80s and 90s definitely experienced that warmth from at Least one Baba’s son. I did as well.”

Abdullraman Akawu, who was happy with the laudable intervention of Yahaya-Kwande wrote, “Thank you very much Mallam Yusuf. I don’t know if you are the son of the famous Yahaya-Kwande at the Hill Station Junction in Jos. I knew that family growing up in Jos. You picked up total strangers from the streets and turned their life around, only God will reward you”.

Micheal Ajayi, a concerned citizen also applauded Yahaya-Kwande for the assistance rendered to the middle age young men. “Your sowing seeds to someone life isn’t by your power but gifts of God nature which many people have but fail woefully to practice.

“It’s always good to be kind to others because your kindness will return to you in immeasurable. May God grace continue to be sufficient for you and family. I was touched by the story of the young man and hope every good Samaritan will keep helping the poor in our communities.” He said.

Ahmed Abdul also comment, “How I wish the people in your capacity will also do the same as you are doing, helping one another irrespective of our religious and ethnic differences. We could have build a better tomorrow. Indeed, you are from a good family sir, may your pocket never go dry, may Almighty give us the heart to help one another.” He submitted.

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