Singer, Britney Spears Celebrates Her Sons On Social Media

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Singer, Britney Spears Celebrates Her Sons On Social Media

Renowned singer, Britney Spears has celebrated her sons Sean Preston and Jayden on Thursday with a lovely birthday tribute on Thursday.

Spears did not only send the message, but did it privately with the permission of her sons, while her ex-husband Kevin Federline, CNN reports.

Spears who was happy about the development expressed her feelings in words. She wrote: “There is nothing stronger than the love between a mother and son.”

She also said, “My boys’ birthdays were last week … and unfortunately they are growing up and want to do their own things,” she began. “I have to ask their permission to post them because they are extremely independent little men!!!”

On their ages, Sean turned 16 on September 14, while Jayden turned 15 on September 12.

She also expressed her joy, having both of them as her children, while the two of them got the “coolest ice cream cakes” at a small family party.

In her words, “It makes me crazy because they are so tall and geez they are still growing !!!” Spears wrote. “They went to a dance last week and I cried for two days. my babies in a suit !!! It’s crazy !!!”

“There’s a lot I can’t share with you all because my kids are very private which I love but I will tell you they are both extremely talented and I’m so incredibly blessed to have these two little men in my life !!!” she added. “And if they’re reading this … which I’m pretty sure they’re not … I love you two little devils so much!!!”


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