VAT Collection: Deltans against Governor’s stance with southern counterparts

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VAT Collection: Deltans against Governor’s stance with southern counterparts

A cross-section of residents in Delta state are already questioning the rationale behind the state governor’s decision to align with his southern counterparts over the value added tax collection controversy.

Those who spoke to in Warri, express concerns saying that the state currently receives more from the federal government than what it generates as VAT.

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Among issues raised and resolutions taken by southern governors during their last meeting held in Enugu State, was the decision that the Value-Added Tax, VAT, generated in their respective states will no longer be remitted to the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS.

But going by the decision of the governors, its implementation might not be in favor of majority of the governors in the forum.

For a state like Delta, its VAT report released by the National Bureau of Statistics from the month of January to August shows that the state generated over 13 billion naira and received over 27 billion naira from the federation allocation, a situation that puts to question the position of the Delta State Governor to align with his Southern Governors counterparts over the VAT collection controversy.

Concerned respondents, however, believe that every state in Nigeria was economically viable.

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