What Makes the OneBank App All the Rave

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What Makes the OneBank App All the Rave

Imagine you just arrived at the bank and you see a long queue spilling outside its doors. To make matters worse, the sun is in full military mode, shining mercilessly. All you wanted to do was dash in, make a withdrawal, get some bills sorted and move, but, with the current situation, the idea seems far-fetched. You shouldn’t have to go through this stress at all, not when the One Bank App is there to take care of all your financial needs right from the comfort of your home. So, what makes this app so awesome? Let’s explore some of its features below.

Limitless domestic and foreign transactions: Whenever you’ve got funds to dispense, whether home or abroad, the OneBank App is your sure plug. You can transfer money to friends and family from your wallet or account no matter where they are in the world. The best thing? It only takes a few seconds!

Virtual card application and doorstep delivery: If shopping online is your hobby, this feature will have your heart. With virtual cards, you can make online payments safely and securely. You never have to worry about your card being cloned or whatnot and so, you can keep on shopping and living the good life.

Hide balance: When making payments, especially in public, the thought of somebody else asides yourself seeing your account balance can be uncomfortable. The privacy feature on the app helps you hide your account balance from prying eyes so you can do other things on the app without having to shield your phone screen.

Investment: Back then, when you hear the word ‘investment’, what automatically comes to your mind is that it’s a money-making scheme that only super-rich people engage in. These days, everyone is making investment moves (we hope you are). With OneBank, you can stay ahead of the market and enjoy competitive returns on your Naira and Dollar investments.

Fingerprint authentication: Unless you’re from the lineage of Albert Einstein, you must have forgotten your password at one point or the other. How good would it feel to never have to worry about forgetting passwords? One Bank comes with fingerprint authentication and allows you to log into your account with no need for passwords so that you can begin banking in no time.

The above features are just a few of what makes the One Bank app amazing. You can download the app to explore more of its features. One thing you need to know is that when it comes to mobile banking, OneBank is the full package and more.  Join the easy life geng today.

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