How my mother died of stomach pain: Actress Nkechi Blessing mourns

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How my mother died of stomach pain: Actress Nkechi Blessing mourns

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has lamented the death of her mother from just a stomach pain five days to her birthday which she planned to mark in a big way.

The actress took to her Instagram page on Friday to pour out her frustration following her mother’s death.

She wrote: “My greatest fear💔 Mummy, you shouldn’t have😊 Hmmmmmm…You know if the doctors asked for money to keep you alive, I would have begged the world to help me save you😊 But you left in a flash, your only complain was Stomach ache…And Dts the last I heard of you..

“I went to bed thinking I would wake up from this dream💔 but it’s indeed a reality that you left me 5 days to your birthday 💔 Afianma You were a warrior. You had me at your back and said Nkechi you are unstoppable…Now that you have left me, how do I face the world?

“Everyone around me knew I lived all my life for you, I receive insults, abuse, embarrassment on this app just to make sure you do not beg for food, I am fulfilled knowing you are in a better place 🙏 But it hurts that you didn’t even wait to see your birthday Gift mama💔 the one I was working endlessly day and night to build for you,Mama.

“You are a landlady in Lagos and you couldn’t even wait to see it😢 Haaaa💔 They said I should be strong😊 Okay I will…But you didn’t do well at all mama, you didn’t💔 Return if possible mummy because I refuse to accept the fact that you are No more😢.”

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