OneTag and OneLink – Amazon Features That Increase Your Affiliate Revenue?

One of the hard part of being an affiliate marketer apart from developing the ability to be persuasive, is finding the right product to promote at just the right time.

Luckily, as an affiliate marketer for Amazon –one of the largest online store- you now have a tool that will help you do just that.

Introducing OneTag!!!

OneTag is a JavaScript code that Amazon encourage their Affiliate marketers who own website to embed on their website.

Once the code have been embedded in the affiliate’s site, the code will track all the visitor’s activities to see which products category from the site is gaining popularity and which is gaining sales.

These stats are then made available to all Amazon affiliate marketer via their affiliate account report page.

So based on this global stats that have been collated by Amazon using the OneTag JavaScript code, affiliate marketers will be in a better position to know which product in their niche is ripe for promoting.

This in turn will lead to more sales and then more commission for the marketer.


OneLink on the other hand is a feature that enable affiliate marketers customize their customers experience. Let me explain with an example.

Let’s say you are promoting a product from Amazon US. Formally, if you have a customer from Canada and the customer use your affiliate link to view the product, the link will take the customer to the Amazon US store and not their local (Canadian) store.

But with OneLink feature, international visitors are relocated to the product page in their local Amazon store.

So, if you are promoting a product in the US store and a visitor from Canada clicks on the link, the visitor will be taken to the product page in their Amazon Canadian store rather than that of the US store.

So you see, both OneTag and OneLink are Amazon features that increase your affiliate revenue potential.

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