Prevent GBWhatsapp From Crashing

How often does your GBWhatsapp crash? Twice a day? Once a day? or almost every hour?

Well, no matter long it takes before your GBWhatsapp crashes, it is never a good experience when it crashes.

Because when it eventually does, it will wipe out all your chat, and thus you will be needing to start afresh. But is the crash of GBWhatsapp inevitable?

Of course not. It can be prevented. To prevent your GBWhatsapp from crashing, you need to follow this guide.

  1. From the Chat screen of your GBWhatsapp, tap on the Plus icon at the bottom-right, and then tap on the Pen icon to open the settings page of GBWhatsapp.
  2. When the Settings page of GBWhatsapp does open, scroll down to the Appearance and tap on it. 
  3. Now tap on the number 8 option which is Clean Whatsapp Files
  4. When you do step 3, it will open the GBWhatsapp Cache screen, from that screen, clean all the Logs except Old Chats Backups, and then tap on the Done! button below.

That is all.

GBWhatsapp crashes when your phone memory is no longer capable to store all the apps logs, so clearing it frequently will ensure that your GBWhatsapp never ever crashes again.

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