18 Best Tech News Apps For Android in 2021

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18 Best Tech News Apps For Android in 2021

What really are the top 18 best tech news apps for Android? What makes an app to be considered among the best for tech lovers still lies down to its consistency and reliable information. Such applications should be able to provide diversity in the tech biosphere, it can include treading gadgets, new technology, social media news, smartphones, and cybersecurity.

We can’t deny that there are so many websites online to stay updated about technology, but do most of them hire developers to create an Android app for them? So that is why I have compiled the list of best tech news apps for Android users. Smart notifications are also included in such apps, that’s the main purpose of having them installed on your device.

Best Tech News Apps For Android in 2021

Just like some browsers on your device will allow you to, some mentioned apps listed on the article also allow you to save a webpage for offline use, and also you can easily bookmark your favorite tech news article. These are some of the best Android apps to read tech news articles. Also, I’ll make it clear now, the list starts from the best to the least, I arranged them based on their popularity and user reviews.

#1. Google News

Google News

Google News app is the best tech new app for Android, they also have a version for the iPhone users too. Google News isn’t a tech-focused app, there are other categories available, so technology categories are there. Some websites approved for Google News have their tech-related articles published, iTechviral can be followed on Google News if you want to stay updated with us from there also to support us. Google News keeps up up-to-date with their briefing updates that shares five stories on the home screen, there you can see the most important updates and latest developments about your followed tech topics.

#2. Flipboard

Best Tech News Apps

Well, this is also one of the best tech news apps that is very mobile and also displays the best-personalized tech news for you. Flipboard has other categories of interest, it is not a stand-alone app for tech-related articles, it works just like some best sports apps, but you are here for technology, so let’s talk about some cool features. On the app, you get to pick your passions and create a smart magazine for each tech development sub-topic, get the latest news from thousands of top newspapers based on your interest both locally and globally, use hashtags to see personalized topics and get the latest tech news from TechCrunch, trending science stories with Wired, and more

#3. Gadgets 360

top tech news apps android

Gadgets 360 is a great website to get technology development like tech news concerning social media, games and apps, smartphones, and politics topics related to technology like the TikTok ban in the USA. They make extra efforts to contact companies for verified information, they are good at leaving credits to their original new sources and they keep their articles concise. When the need arises, the website publishes a video context about a live event or an explanation of some interesting articles. Their Android app includes the latest content from their primary website NDTV, this displays shows like Gadget Guru, Cell Guru, and the Prime tech band.

#4. CNET

best tech news apps android

Actually, this is the well known best review and tech news app company in the world, they contain the best stories of the day and there are experts giving advice on products they know their audience will love. Their app has been tested and developed perfectly fine for Android and Tablets users, they review the best products so you can make a choice if the product is worth a purchase.

The website is consistent that they post almost 100 articles daily so you stay updated and never miss your topics of best interest. Their topics vary from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, and more companies. Their forum is also massive with a lot of users, there you can engage with other readers, create your posts, and also comment on other users’ articles.

#5. TechCrunch

best tech news apps android

The TechCrunch tech news app is also another better source for tech news stories, there you can get updates about startups, Silicon Valley, venture capital, gadgets, apps, and more. The app is able to show personalized articles of interest to you, it is very user friendly and syncs the articles from the website as soon as they are published.

Some cool features of the Android app include free access to the application without a single ad, you can view articles offline after you’ve loaded them with an internet connection, it is integrated with Crunchbase also. Also, you should know that the app was last updated since March 2020, users have been complaining of bugs as seen on the app’s review, so you might want to get the old version online with the lesser bug.

#6. Feedly

best tech news apps android

Remarkably, this app is very useful and different from other tech news apps for Android. Feedly allows you to get updates from websites you add manually. Since you are interested in Tech, you can add websites that don’t have Android apps to showcase articles on Feedly, they also support adding of publications, YouTube channels, blogs, and other social media platforms like Pinterest.

They made it easy to get the information you need and also share it more efficiently with friends. The app contains some important features that can be more appreciated by content writers looking for audiences on possibly their tech websites by tracking keywords, brands.

#7. GSMArena

best tech news apps android

GSMArena is a smartphone review website that displays the full specifications and comparison of almost any Android or iOS device you need. They also talk about the upcoming features of mobile phones, rumors of features, reviews on different model versions, and far more. Their app makes it possible to get a push declaration from the app about the latest content, your starred tech topics, and also comments from the website itself.

Some key features of the website we all know that come to their Android app are the ratings and scores concerning a device display quality, performance, battery life. The tech news app has an adaptive dark mode feature on the application too.

#8. inFact

best tech news apps android
2021 top tech news apps

This tech news app known as inFact aims to provide its users with the best learning experience possible, interspersed with quirky and interesting facts which will ensure that inculcation of knowledge is fun as never before! It also provides an interactive platform for the birds of a feather do flock together! You can follow users with the same interests and share. Brighten up your grey cells with innovative technology, space advancements.

#9. The Mirror App

best tech news apps android

This is actually the official app of the Uk’s Mirror website that provides technology news related to video games, amazon, Samsung galaxy, android, Nintendo, etc. The website shares mostly UK related articles, but they are also global and will catch the interest of anyone. The Mirror app is updated daily, you can use this official application to access your favorite tech categories, latest trends in science and technology,

#10. Tech News from The Verge

best tech news apps android

This is an unofficial Verge tech new app for Android made by fans. The app was made to collect latest articles from the website through The Verge RSS feeds, it covers the science and technology path, the applications have an adaptive user interface that looks different on different screen sizes like Android or tablets, you get notified when there are new tech news updates, can choose between night or light mode, change the article formats, and much more.

This is one of the best tech news apps for Android because of it’s tech categories like Tech (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, AI – Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-security, Mobile, Apps, Photography, Virtual Reality, Smart Home, Business, Design).

#11. Sky News

best tech news apps android

Sky News is known for it’s breaking news update around the world, it is a UK based journalism, but they also share news update concerning other countries. They have other topics related to technology, this tech news app lets you find topics about Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. Using their app you will be the first to get articles early, it can be used at night as they feature dark mode, articles can still be accessed offline when you do not have an active network connection.

#12. BBC News

best tech news apps android

There will be no need for username and password before accessing their Android apk, it contains all the latest tech news you need, so it is the #12 best tech news apps for Android, it is worth the usage. Why you may like this is because it features social features and personalization, meaning you can reorder news categories you love. It shows you the popular stories, audios & videos over 3G or Wifi, galleries & full-screen images, fast phone notification messages when there is a news update based on your interest, and offline use.

#13. Knappily

best tech news apps android
tech news app

Knappily was featured by Google as the must-have top 5 best news apps, it also is an award-winner application, with over 500k users. Different variety of news can be seen from the ‘Knapps’ tab, on each news, you can bookmark to read them later, alert when there are newly published apps, best filtering for tech news, dark mode for night reading, share feature that works on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and the list goes on. A user said that the app gives a whole lot of information which you may otherwise miss….the topic diversity is huge and covers many areas ranging from science to philosophy, so this is a must-have tech news app.

#14. inkl

best tech news apps android

inkl has members around the globe that are publishers and also readers. The app is free to use, you can get tech news posts from the app, but being a publisher of news, they made that paid. Their audience seems to be coming from the publishers, publishers aim to provide the latest and trending development before it goes viral. The app doesn’t have Ads or click baits, you get the information you seek from the android application. The app’s price per article is quite expensive for publishers, but that’s not a problem if you are a reader, so it is one of the top best tech news apps.

#15. Hindustan Times

best tech news apps android
tech news app

Well, here is an India tech news website app – Hindustan Times. Their mobile app shows the latest breaking news from India and the world. If you want to get updates concerning the latest on banned Chinese apps in India, then you can follow up with this application. Other locations that tech news are being talked about are Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Kolkata, etc. Some features of the app include location On option, this helps you see tech news based on your city, removal of General news to focus only on tech news.

#16. Tech News

best tech news apps android

This app contains a high-quality selection of tech news sites and makes it very quick and easy to navigate between their articles. This app is very user friendly and simplified, though it contains ads, you can always ignore it, but when it gets intrusive, then there are other alternatives in the list. Furthermore, the tech news app contains electronics-related articles from major websites like Digital Trends, Engadget, PC Magazine, Lifehacker, ExtremeTech, etc.

#17. Tech News by Pinenuts

best tech news apps android

This tech news app extracts the best news articles through RSS Feed from top tech websites like Tom’s Hardware, AnandTech, Hacker News (YCombinator), VentureBeat, ZDNet, etc. You might wonder, then what is the excess of this app? The advantages are that it brings the best news into a single app, also it doesn’t;t load unnecessary effects, it aims to focus on what you need, which is the news. Feeds from websites you do not want can be disabled, so it reduces the number of duplicate articles from multiple sources.

#18. News on Android

best tech news apps android

This is another top best tech news app that works as a feed reader on Android fro the best technology websites around the world. It keeps you up to date about the latest games and apps, howtos, android tutorials. This app works just like some technology RSS feed reader tech news apps listed here. It also has a dark mode that adapts to every website on the app like Android Central, Android Police, Android Authority.

And that is how we come to our conclusion of the best 19 tech news apps for Android, as you can see there are so many apps to choose from, if one doesn’t satisfy you, then you can move to the next. iTechviral also provides tech news, though we are focused mainly on cyber-security news. So there you have it! Share this with your friends and thanks for reading.

This post was written by Jephthah and was first posted to itechviral.com


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