AT&T Data Breach: 70-Million-User Database is Being Sold on the Internet

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AT&T Data Breach: 70-Million-User Database is Being Sold on the Internet

AT&T is a mobile digital communication company based in the United States. It is one of the biggest telecommunication companies to date. Recently, the database of AT&T was reported to be sold online. ShinyHunters breached the database of AT&T. ShinyHunters is a group of hackers that breached the database of various companies.

The group of hackers is claiming that they have access to the database of AT&T which holds the personal and sensitive information of more than 70 million customers.

On a post on Raid Forums, which is a hacker forum and marketplace, ShinyHunters asked for $200k for the database of AT&T.

What Data Does ShinyHunters Have?

As per sample records from ShinyHunters on the forum, they have access to the details of the customers including- names, addresses, date of birth, email address, social security number, and zip codes. These data of the customers are reported to be sold on the forum by the ShinyHunters, however, AT&T is yet to say whether the data breach is legitimate or not. If the data breach is legitimate then it will be a disaster for the company as well as the customers.

AT&T Data Breach of 70 Million Users

Government-backed hacking groups, ransomware gangs, spy agencies, or even scammers can buy the database. This will expose customers to all the physical and online threats.

The news came a few days after the T-Mobile customers’ records sold by the hackers on the same forum. T-Mobile confirmed the data breach to be legitimate. However, no connection has been established between both T-Mobile and AT&T data breaches.

Previous Data Breaches By ShinyHunters

Since 2020, databases of various companies got hacked by ShinyHunters. ShinyHunters hacked the database of the following companies-

  • WattPad-271 million accounts leaked
  • Dunzo-11GB worth of data leaked
  • 123RF 8.3M accounts leaked
  • WedMeGood- 41.5 GB worth of data
  • Big Basket- 20 million accounts leaked
  • Minted-5 million accounts leaked
  • ProctorU-444,267 accounts leaked
  • million accounts leaked
  • Bhinneka-1 million+ accounts leaked
  • Mashable- 5.22GB worth of data
  • Tokopedia-91 million accounts leaked
  • Couchsurfing-17 million accounts leaked
  • Animal Jam– Tens of millions of users’ data, especially children.

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