Finally! The Windows Server 2022 is Out

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Finally! The Windows Server 2022 is Out

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  • There are three variants to the edition; Standard, Datacenter, and Datacenter: Azure Edition.
  • They will only be here for a decade, with an expected end date in October 2031.
  • The most interesting features are said to have debuted in the Azure edition.

As of August 18, 2021, the Windows Server 2022 has officially been released. It is expected to run a ten-year course, but the primary end date is October 13, 2026, and the extended end date is October 14, 2031.

If you have been following this news closely, you are well aware that the Microsoft server has been facing attacks and exposed to vulnerabilities in the recent past, and this news comes as a relief. For those who are new, here is a detailed description of the product:

Windows Server houses applications, networks, and web services among other infrastructure. By connecting with Azure, it adds extra layers of protection all the while incorporating modern technology to your applications and makes work easier.

What’s New?

In simpler terms, these new features are expected to offer advanced multi-layer security. Azure is expected to benefit the most from these hybrid capabilities. The release will protect hardware and firmware. In addition, threats previously reported security threats are expected to be addressed with this new server.

Microsoft has been releasing patches in batches to address the vulnerabilities reported, but it seems attackers are getting craftier by discovering loopholes with each update. A detailed list of patches released in the previous month can be found here.

Have you gotten around to previewing the Windows Server 2022? Share what you think about the features in the comment section below.

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