Get a new Ring Video Doorbell, Alarm, & more with the best deals in months

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Get a new Ring Video Doorbell, Alarm, & more with the best deals in months

Anyone else remember when Ring was just a small crowd-funded video doorbell company that happened to have Shaq as a spokesperson? Now look at it! The company has rapidly expanded, especially since being bought by Amazon. It now has multiple generations of video doorbells, but the product line has also expanded to include other security cameras, all kinds of lights, and piecemeal home security systems. The best part about all of these devices is just how affordable they are, but if you still have a hard time biting the bullet, you may need a deal or two.

And that’s what we’re here for. We will use this space to roundup all of the best Ring deals, whether that be on Ring security systems, video doorbells, or whatever else Ring has to offer. Bookmark this page and come back to it because we will update it often to keep you up-to-date with all the best savings.

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Keep in mind that just because Amazon owns Ring that doesn’t mean Ring is exclusive to Amazon. Many of the best deals have come from other retailers in the past, including B&H and Best Buy. Costco even has unique Ring products and packages you can’t get anywhere else, like the Ring Alarm 10-piece security system.

Sorted by product type, these are the best Ring deals anywhere on the internet:

Best Ring Video Doorbell Deals

The video doorbell is Ring’s flagship product. This is what the company started with and what it has continued to update over the years. This is also where many of the best deals can be found. With multiple generations, you can almost always find all the previous generations down to super low prices. And we’re hoping to see more deals on the Ring Video Doorbell 3 now that it has been out for a few weeks. Plus, with a lot more competition in the video doorbell market these days, Ring has to keep those prices enticing.

New 2021 Ring Video Doorbell Wired with Chime | $10 off

This price matches what we saw on Prime Day. The video doorbell records in 1080p and has two-way audio so you can hear and speak. Use the advanced motion detection and night vision for when it’s dark out. The doorbell is hardwired to your existing doorbell wiring, which means you don’t have to worry about powering it. Real-time notifications can be sent to your phone, an Alexa device, or the Ring Chime anytime someone stops by.

$79.99 at Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Refurbished | $40 off

The discount is off what a normal refurb unit goes for and only applies to Prime members. It’s actually $70 off a new version. Works and looks like new and has 1-year warranty. Stay on the couch and see who’s ringing your doorbell in 1080p video. Get alerts when the video doorbell detects motion, too. Works with Alexa for voice control. Requires hardwired installation.

$99.99 at Amazon

Ring VIdeo Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Refurbished | $50 off

This is fully functional unit tested and certified by Amazon to work and look like new. It comes with the same warranty as a new unit. Record video in 1080p resolution. Use your phone, tablet, or Echo device to see, hear, and speak.

$89.99 at Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell 3 | $20 off

Records in 1080p. The newest generation of Ring Video Doorbell helps you keep your front door secure. Combine it with a video-based Echo device like the Echo Show 5 and see who’s at the door from anywhere in your house. Easy to setup and connect to your smart home. Includes motion detection, privacy zones, and better audio features.

$179.99 at Amazon

3 Plus

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus + 12 months Ring Protect | $110 off

The 3 Plus has been discontinued by Ring, but it’s still available if you’re a Costco member. Not only is it available, but it’s also on sale and comes with 12 months of Ring Protect free, which is another $30 in savings. Records in 1080p. Combine it with a video-based Echo device like the Echo Show 5 and see who’s at the door from anywhere in your house. Easy to setup and connect to your smart home. Has improved motion detection, privacy zones, and audio privacy, including dual-band Wi-Fi support.

$149.99 at Costco

Best Ring Alarm Deals

Ring Alarm is a modular alarm system that allows you to expand as needed to cover all the entrances and vulnerable areas of your home. The basic packages start with a five-piece kit and expand from there, but you can add as many sensors as you need. Read more about how it all works in this Android Central review that gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. Then check out all the deals below:

10 Piece Alarm 28y

Ring Alarm 10-piece kit 2nd-gen | $50 off

This is a new low price. Ring Alarm includes a base station, 6 contact sensors, 1 motion detector, keypad, and a range extender. You can have the system set up in minutes without the need for professional installation and get 24/7 monitoring of your home. The great thing with this kit is that it is expandable, so if you need to pick up more items for a larger home or to cover outbuildings, you can do so at any time.

$159.99 at Costco

5 Piece Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm 2nd-gen 5-piece kit | $40 off

Get the 5-piece kit by itself (at Amazon or Best Buy and save $40. The 5-piece kit includes one base station, one keypad, one contact sensor, one motion detector, and one range extender. Since you can put this together yourself, you can always add more sensors later so this is a great beginner kit if you aren’t sure how many you’ll need.

$159.99 at Amazon

10 Piece Alarm

Ring Alarm 2nd-gen 9-piece with free Echo Show 5 | Save $40

This package includes the Echo Show 5 and a Ring Indoor Security Camera in addition to the 8 pieces of the Ring Alarm system, which include one base station, one keypad, four contact sensors, one motion detector, and one range extender. You can get this deal at Best Buy. If you don’t want or care about the Ring Indoor Cam or Echo Show 5, you can get the 8-piece Ring Alarm by itself for $50 off or with a free Echo Dot.

$259.98 at Amazon

14 Piece Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm 2nd-gen 14-piece with free Echo Dot | Save $65

If you have a larger home that needs more sensors, this 14-piece kit is a great way to go especially with the free Echo Dot. You can get it for the same price without the Echo Dot, too, if you want. It comes with one base station, two keypads, eight contact sensors, two motion detectors, and a range extender.

$264.99 at Amazon

Best Ring Security Camera Deals

Ring started with the video doorbell, so it only makes sense that the company branched into other types of cameras. The Security Camera product line includes everything from giant floodlight cams you can use to guard your shed in the backyard to tiny stick-up cameras you can put around your house. Some are wired and some aren’t. Most of them have features like night vision, smart notifications, motion detection, and more.

What are you looking for in home security?

Ring has a ton of products. More than you might even realize. New generations come out all the time. We saw Ring’s best products yet released when the 3rd-generation Ring Video Doorbell came out. Our review of the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus pointed out that it introduced some of Ring’s greatest new features, so we’re always curious to see what comes next. The main question you need to ask yourself is what exactly are you looking for? Do you need cameras to cover the dark areas around your home? An alarm to prevent unwanted visitors getting inside? Or are you just tired of having to get off the couch to answer the door? Ring has so many options.

And if you can’t quite answer that question, or you just aren’t sure what Ring product suits your needs, check out our coverage of all things Ring. We’ve got reviews, roundups, “this or that”s, and more.

Ring Price Tracking

Ring products actually drop in price all the time. You should never pay full price for the Ring device you’re looking for. These devices are designed to be both functional and affordable, and affordability means fairly regular bundles and deals. Best Buy has an entire section devoted to Ring deals. B&H and Home Depot are two other good retailers for looking up Ring discounts (besides Amazon of course).

Remember that Ring Alarm is a modular device, which means you can add smaller individual sensors and such to it as you need. Those individual items can be a good place to find deals as well. Even if you buy the 2nd-gen Alarm, you can add 1st-gen individual items to it.

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