How to get the right people and processes to run your network

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How to get the right people and processes to run your network

These resources will help ensure you have the personnel and protocols in place to protect and maintain the backbone of your entire operation.

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Cloud computing and collaboration software get all the attention during these days of hybrid remote work. Those tools drive digital transformation, but your corporate network is the glue that holds it all together. Without a well-designed and well-defended network, nothing else gets done. 

These TechRepublic Premium resources will help you make sure that your network is designed to do what you need it to do. If you need to hire an administrator or engineer, these hiring kits map out the entire process. You’ll be able to find the right people to manage and protect this vital infrastructure. 

If your network’s Domain Name System or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol are configured incorrectly, nothing can function. Ongoing maintenance and security of these systems is just as important. This policy sets the rules for implementing and administering DNS and DHCP. It can be customized as needed to fit your particular network. 

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A network admin has to do everything from planning the physical layout of a network’s cabling system to integrating security policies to cloning workstations for new employees. In addition to technical skills, the ideal candidate will have the ability to problem solve on the fly, pay meticulous attention to detail and communicate effectively with people at all levels of the organization. This hiring kit will help you manage the entire process from writing an accurate job description to planning the interview process.

Recruiting a network engineer with the right combination of skills requires a comprehensive screening process. This resource provides an adjustable framework for finding, recruiting and ultimately hiring the person who will manage day-to-day operations of your network. This hiring kit also provides you with tips for crafting the right job description and setting an appropriate salary.

Corporate networks are under constant attack from all kinds of malware and phishing operations. Hackers are clever and patient and use creative ways to find a weak spot in network defenses. Network administrators need a comprehensive and detailed security policy to defend against these attacks. This policy includes guidelines for configuration, physical security, monitoring and penalties for violating the rules.  

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