If you want FreeSync for your Xbox One games, you have few options

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If you want FreeSync for your Xbox One games, you have few options

FreeSync monitors for Xbox One
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Microsoft supports FreeSync on Xbox One consoles, adjusting refresh rates on the fly to reduce screen tearing and stuttering in gaming. While hundreds of special FreeSync-compatible displays are on the market, Xbox One consoles are limited to a subset with HDMI support. We’ve rounded up our top FreeSync monitors compatible with Xbox One across all price tiers.

Best overall:
Dell S2721QS (27-inch)

Staff pick

This 4K 60Hz monitor provides incredible value when on a budget, named our top monitor for Xbox One, and even among the best for Xbox Series X. The stellar IPS panel ensures a clear image with vibrant colors, while an adjustable design with thin bezels fits any desk. It has HDR support, albeit with mixed results, while FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility completes the package. The S2721QS offers this for a low price, unmatched for the capabilities of the Xbox One.

Samsung Odyssey G7

Best 1440p:
Samsung Odyssey G7 (32-inch)

Stepping down to 1440p, the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G7 delivers a larger screen better suited for consoles, while its 240Hz refresh rate works great with high-end PCs. The lack of HDMI 2.1 support doesn’t matter if you upgrade to Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, with 1440p at 120Hz supported by the previous HDMI 2.0 specification. You’re just getting a curvy panel with solid contrast and colors and punchy HDR support to wrap.

LG 27GP950-B

Best 4K for next-gen:
LG 27GP950-B (27-inch)

While the LG 27GP950-B is a little overkill for Xbox One consoles, this is the 4K monitor to buy if you’re eyeing up an Xbox Series X. The 4K Nano IPS display supports up to 144Hz refresh rates, while HDMI 2.1 support ensures full 4K 120 FPS experiences from the best Xbox Series X games. It’s among the first monitors that deliver the best from the latest gaming consoles, with impressive HDR support for a monitor. Just make sure you’re getting the LG 27GP950-B, not the LG 27GN950-B with HDMI 2.0.

BenQ EL2870U

Affordable 4K:
BenQ EL2870U (28-inch)

BenQ steps it up to 4K with a 60Hz refresh rate, touting Xbox-compatible FreeSync with a 1ms response time. It also supports HDR10, the open standard supported by Xbox One, pulling the best colors and contrast from each frame. The BenQ EL2870U offers a crisp and smooth 28-inch panel, with UHD support showing even the smallest details, all at a reasonable price. You also get integrated speakers with an integrated 3.5mm headphone jack — the ultimate balance of function and affordability, ideal for Xbox One X owners.

$250 at Amazon


Budget 1440p:
ASUS TUF VG27AQ (27-inch)

The ASUS TUF VG27AQ provides a striking image with its 27-inch 1440p panel, especially ideal for those playing games at high framerates, if you have intentions to upgrade to Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. It handles motion well, with its 144Hz refresh rate, low response time, and minimal input lag making this a responsive piece of gaming kit. While it supports FreeSync and HDR in tandem, its implementation, coupled with average blacks of this IPS panel, makes this best suited for competitive gaming less focused on visuals.


Big screen FreeSync:
LG C1 OLED (48-inch)

If you’re looking to leverage the Xbox One’s FreeSync support, but with considerations for the living room, the LG C1 4K TV lineup could be the ideal fit. This striking OLED TV covers all the fundamentals for a premium gaming experience, with 4K HDR support, unmatched contrast ratio, and high responsiveness. It comes in 48, 55, 65, 77, and 83-inch variants, with HDMI 2.1 and next-gen features you simply can’t get with monitors.

We have our favorite FreeSync monitors for Xbox One

When you’re in the market for FreeSync-compatible Xbox One monitors, there’s one fundamental characteristic to look out for — FreeSync over HDMI. While countless gaming monitors now support the feature, not all support the VRR over an HDMI connection, sometimes limited to their DisplayPort connections. While you should consider the full feature set of what any monitor offers, ensure its FreeSync support plays nice with your console. Furthermore, with monitors for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S bringing all-new features, consider futureproofing your purchase with higher-end 4K models.

The Dell S2721QS remains our best overall pick for FreeSync on Xbox One, packing an unrivaled balance of the best gaming features in an affordable package. This 4K HDR IPS panel delivers sharp, vivid images, while 60Hz FreeSync support ensures a smooth gameplay experience. While it shines when paired with Xbox One X, it boasts headroom to support a future upgrade to newer Xbox consoles.

But with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S introducing all-new features to console gaming, an HDMI 2.1 monitor is an incredible long-term investment. Higher bandwidth brings new features to the LG 27GP950-B like 4K resolution gaming up to 120Hz, with best-in-class HDR support, a rarity in PC monitors. While this panel is overkill for Xbox One, it’s among the best if you’re eyeing the new Xbox Series X. The only issue with availability, with limited stock making these hard to find in 2021.

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