Microsoft Temporarily Disables Windows 11 Update Estimates

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Microsoft Temporarily Disables Windows 11 Update Estimates

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  • Microsoft has temporarily disabled windows 11 update estimates.
  • The estimates will only be available for devices with SSDs
  • The changes will be temporary until a series of bugs are addressed.


Microsoft has been releasing a series of updates over the past few weeks to address reported bugs and concerns by users. Recently, users reported concerns with an estimate that pops up when updating windows that lets them know the duration it will take to install available updates completely.

Although such information is critical and highly appreciated by users, it is important that such information is accurate. The overall result is to boost users’ update experience. 

The latest Windows 11 preview build update came with this change, hence the move to disable the estimates for PCs with standard HDDs. This makes it only available for PCs with SSD to continue displaying updates estimates.

A Taste of What’s to Come

Microsoft has been testing estimates in various places such as the start menu, settings page, restart notifications, and the windows update icon to check its ability. The disabling is expected to allow the company to make adjustments and bring it back to PCs with HDDs as soon as they fix the bugs.

Microsoft has recently released clock features and paint app features, so they also expect users to be wowed with the update once the temporary hold comes to an end.

Given that Windows 11 development advance rapidly, the system should be able to launch for every user in no time. Thereafter, the free upgrade offer will roll over to 2022 for eligible devices. 

Is your PC experiencing the temporary hold on windows 11 update estimates? Let us know in the comment section below.

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