Reddit just launched an official app in the Microsoft Store

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Reddit just launched an official app in the Microsoft Store

Reddit is one of the world’s most popular websites. It has an almost unlimited list of communities ranging from technology and news to the most niche topics. Now, people can browse Reddit through an official app on Windows 10. The app arrived in the Microsoft Store earlier this week and is a progressive web app (PWA).

Since the new Reddit app is a PWA, its interface will be familiar to anyone that’s browsed the site on the web. While the experience provided through the Reddit app in the Microsoft Store is identical to what was already available, its arrival is still good for Microsoft. The company wants people to take the Microsoft Store seriously, so any big-name additions help meet that goal.

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Reddit is one of many big-name sites and services to add an app to the Microsoft Store. Since the announcement of Windows 11, Zoom, OBS, Canva, and several other well-known apps have appeared in the Microsoft Store. While the Reddit app arrived after the announcement of Windows 11, it is also available on Windows 10.

If you don’t like the official Reddit app, there are some popular third-party alternatives. I reviewed Reddit client Legere back when it launched in 2019. Readit is another popular Reddit app that’s been around since the days of Windows Phone.

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