Want a gaming chair with a footrest? Check out our favorites

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Want a gaming chair with a footrest? Check out our favorites

Source: Ficmax

gaming chair with a footrest
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Gaming chairs are incredible pieces of furniture that will improve the gaming experience of any player, and some of the best gaming chairs even come with on-board footrests that allow you to kick back during relaxed play sessions. There are plenty of different gaming chairs with footrests on the market right now. Still, we think the one that tops our list of best gaming chairs with footrests is the Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair due to its excellent comfort, high adjustability, and a wide range of color options.

Best overall: Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The Ficmax gaming chair.

Source: Ficmax

When it comes to the best of the best, things don’t get better than this seat from Ficmax. Featuring dirt- and fade-resistant PU leather and thick, high-density memory foam, this chair is a dream to game in for long periods of time. On top of that, the chair also has height adjustment for the seat and armrests. You can lean back a full 180 degrees, too, which is awesome if you ever want to take a nap in the seat. A neck pillow is also included, and the lumbar support is capable of giving you a light massage via USB power.

Additionally, the chair’s footrest is foldable, so if you ever don’t want to use it, you can just tuck it underneath the seat. It’s also worth noting that the chair comes in a ton of different colors and styles, which will be much appreciated by style enthusiasts. The weight capacity isn’t top-notch at 250 pounds, but it’s still solid, and overall this chair is simply amazing.


  • Incredible comfort
  • Very adjustable
  • Footrest can be stored easily
  • Tons of style options
  • Massage function


  • A little pricey
  • Weight capacity could be higher

Best overall

Ficmax's footrest chair.

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The best there is

In most respects, this chair is stellar and is our top choice thanks to high adjustability and that foldable footrest.

Best affordable: Homall Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair

Source: Homall

If you’re looking for something that offers great quality at a great price, we recommend checking out the Homall Gaming Chair. Its PU leather cushioning isn’t quite as comfortable as the Ficmax chair’s, but it comes pretty close. The holes in the backrest allow for air to circulate to your body, which will be something gamers living in a warm environment will appreciate.

The chair’s height can be adjusted, but the height of the armrests cannot. You can tilt back 160 degrees, which is still good, although not as stellar as the Ficmax chair’s 180-degree maximum. Thankfully, the head pillow can be adjusted to your liking, the footrest is foldable, and the weight capacity is a good 280 pounds. Overall, this is a fantastic gaming chair for players who are looking to save some money without sacrificing a ton of quality.


  • Great comfort
  • Pretty adjustable
  • Footrest can be stored easily
  • Good weight capacity
  • Affordable


  • Armrests can’t be adjusted
  • A bit worse across the board

Best affordable

Homall Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair

Balanced and affordable

This chair is perfect if you’re looking for something that’s affordable, yet also still quality. You lose some features, though.

Best for consoles: Homall Gaming Recliner

Homall Gaming Recliner

Source: Homall

This recliner from Homall is a fantastic gaming chair for players who prefer gaming on a console instead of a PC. It’s lined with quality PU leather, and it’s capable of reclining a full 180 degrees, too, which is excellent. Of course, there’s a footrest that can fold into the chair as well. Ultimately, if you’re a console gamer, this chair is your best overall choice for something that has a footrest. The weight capacity could be better (it’s 265 pounds), but it’s not a dealbreaker.


  • Very comfortable
  • Compact folding footrest
  • Very large recline angle


  • Weight capacity could be better

Best for consoles

Homall Reclining Chair

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Style

Immerse yourself

If you’re a console player, this awesome recliner with PU leather and a great recline will be perfect.

Elite console pick: Pulaski Recliner

The Pulaski recliner.

Source: Pulaski

If you’ve got the money to blow and you’re not worried about price, this amazing recliner from Pulaski is an incredible choice for console players. Notably, it uses faux leather. However, this chair’s cushioning is thicker and airier, which makes for an out-of-this-world comfort experience.

On top of that, the chair has a wall outlet slot and two USB ports located in the armrest storage compartment. These allow you to charge up to three different peripherals (laptops, controllers, phones, etc.) at once while you’re playing a game, which is extremely convenient. It also has a great weight capacity of 300 pounds. Overall, this chair is an elite choice that you should opt for if you’re not concerned about pricing and want the absolute best.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Amazing peripheral charging ports
  • Footrest folds in
  • Great weight capacity

Elite console pick

The Pulaski recliner.

Pulaski Recliner

The king of the hill

This extreme seat should be what folks who have extra money to spend should pick.

Bottom line

The best gaming chairs are fantastic because they allow gamers to enjoy their games in luxurious comfort, and footrests only add to the fun. A great gaming chair that has an on-board footrest can turn any player’s gaming session into a dream come true, and they can also double as media-viewing seats for movie buffs and TV watchers, too.

It can be challenging to choose a gaming chair with a footrest, especially with how many of them there are on the market right now. However, we think that overall, nothing tops the Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair because of its exceptional comfort, fantastic adjustability, a stylish suite of color options, and solid price.

If a gaming chair with a footrest isn’t a good fit for you, however, we strongly recommend checking out Secretlab’s gaming chair lineup. Make sure to catch our Secretlab 2020 Series gaming chair review for a closer look at these excellent alternatives.

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