Windows 11 upgrade eligibility may be shown via Windows Update

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Windows 11 upgrade eligibility may be shown via Windows Update

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Update August 30, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. ET: Windows Central readers have reported seeing the Windows 11 eligibility feature discussed in this article.

Interested in upgrading to Windows 11 and not keen on using the new PC Health Check app to test your eligibility? Microsoft may have a more convenient checking method in the works that’ll tell you your status directly in Windows Update.

As reported by Windows Latest, Microsoft may be testing a new sidebar message in Windows Update that’ll give you an easy “this PC can run Windows 11” verdict right there and then if you’re on a device capable of running Microsoft’s latest OS. This new feature is reported to be rolling out to Insiders in the Release Preview Channel.

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Windows Central cannot verify the legitimacy of the message reported as appearing in the Release Preview Channel’s version of Windows Update. With that in mind, such a development from Microsoft seems plausible, and there’s a chance the company could be testing the new feature out in a way that not all users will be exposed to.

If this feature is indeed in the works and comes to everyday Windows users (as opposed to just Insiders), it’ll be a convenient alternative for those not interested in going through the PC Health Check app. However, that tool will remain useful in the event you want to know specifically what’s preventing you from being eligible for Windows 11. And even if you’re not eligible, don’t forget that Microsoft recently announced unsupported devices will have an official method to get the new OS, even if said method may result in users not receiving key updates.

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