The Code/HTML Entities For Adding Three Dot/Ellipsis “…” To Words (Tips To Website Developers)

… Three dots, kind of the ones at the beginning of the paragraphs are referred to as Ellipsis. They are used to indicate to a reader that there have been an intentional omission of some word(s) from the content he is reading.

We know that when it comes to website coding, many things can be manipulated to achieve a desired result. For example, many developers might choose to use three Period to create a feel of Ellipsis, and any reader of the webpage will interpret it to be an ellipsis. 

We are not against you, if that is your choice. The reason why we write the post is to give you the exact code or HTML Entities use for inserting an ellipsis into a webpage. The HTML Entities is…


If you choose to use the popular three period instead of the code above, it is your choice.

But we recommend that from now on start to use this HTML Entities to insert an Ellipsis into a webpage you are coding, basically because of readability reason.

That is, because of blind people who are using screen readers to surf or ready your web content.

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