The Difference Between Search and Keywords Streams In Hootsuite Dashboard.

The hootsuite Stream is a facility that enable hootsuite user to view and interact/reply to feeds from their social media profile right from their hootsuite dashboard.

But with more than enough feeds updates being shared to social media every day, it is quite challenging to scan through the feeds looking for post update relating to ones interest.

Hence in an effort to get the most relevant feeds to you, hootsuite has included the Search and Keyword stream to it users dashboard.

The major difference between this two stream is that the search stream facilities let you monitor a single keyword using advance search queries option, while keyword streams let you monitor up to three (3) keyword within one stream.

So while the hootsuite stream is a tool that helps monitor your social media profile feeds, the content of the hootsuite streams can be personalized to fit/satisfy your interest so that not all your social media profile feeds will display, but just the feeds of interest to you

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