Three (3) Unique Differences Between An Admin And A Moderator Of A Group In Facebook

Admin and Moderator are the two roles of people that can manage a Facebook group.

And an interesting thing about Groups in Facebook is that the people that can occupy that role is not limited to one, multiple person can occupy that role at the same time is a Facebook Group.

So, before you (the one who created a Facebook Group) go ahead to assign these role to someone (probably your friend) here are three (3) unique differences between an Admin and a Moderator of a Facebook Group.

The Difference Between a Facebook Group Admin and Moderator

  1. An Admin to a Group in Facebook can make or add another person to the list of admin or moderator of the Facebook Group, but a Moderator does not have that privilege.
    This means that when you (the owner of the Facebook Group) add someone as an Admin to the Group, that person can add anyone of his choice as an admin or moderator to the Group.
    Although doing that without your permission implies a misuse of the privilege you have given he or her.
  2. A Moderator to a Facebook Group do not have the ability to remove someone from the list of admin and moderator of the Group but an Admin does.
    This does not mean that am Admin can take over your Group, because it is only you (the owner of the Group) that the Admin has no ability to exercise that power (which you have granted him) on. This implies that he cannot remove You has a Admin of the Facebook Group you created, but he can remove other Admins or Moderators.
  3. An Admin to a/your Facebook Group can manage the settings of the Group. This means that an Admin can change the name of the Group, the cover photo and also the privacy settings of the Group, but a Moderator cannot do that.

The Main Point

The unique differences between an Admin and a Moderator of a Facebook Group is that the Admin can add or remove other people from the list of admin and/or moderator to the group, the Admin can also manage the settings of the Group but a Moderator cannot do all that.

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