What Is Mixed Content (Page)

As you may already know, the bedrock or better still, the OS of a webpage is HTML. So when a someone wants to visits a page in a website through the web browser, the browser request for the HTML resource of that page from the web server, it then parses the HTML content/file returned by the web server and display it to the user.

But the fact is, a single HTML file is not all that is required to display a complete web page. Other files such as images, videos, extra HTML, CSS, or JavaScript which are mostly mostly external are also needed. This files are then fetched using separate request by the browser before the page is displayed.

When a page is classified as a Mixed Content page, it means that the page was loaded over a secure HTTPS but the other resources that make up the page such as as images, videos, extra HTML, CSS, or JavaScript  was loaded over an insecure HTTP connection.

This means that two connection type -HTTPS and HTTP- was used before the complete content of the page is displayed.

The Main Point

When all or some of the content of a web page is not loaded using the same HTTPS connection which was used to initial the connection, then that page is considered to be a mixed content page, because that single page was loaded with differing connection types -HTTPS and HTTP.

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